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Boots N' Gloves
Since our hands do not have much natural insulation, therefore they are susceptible to heat loss. In colder water they may become numb and lose dexterity if they are not protected. In warmer water, our hands may soften after a short time in the water, making them vulnerable to scrapes, cuts and stings. Therefore our hands should be protected on virtually every dive.
There are many different types of gloves, and each of them can be used depending on the water temperature. For example, in the coldest water, thick wet suit mitts or dry gloves with a dry suit.
Here are a few examples of gloves :
Classic Gloves by Mares
Classic, double lined neoprene with Amara inserts by Mares
Heavy Duty gloves by Mares
Heavy Duty, double lined neoprene with Kevlar inserts by Mares
Boots, or booties as they are otherwise known as, are used for 3 reasons :
1. Warmth, particularly in water below 21 Degree Celcius
2. Protection against cuts, scrapes and bruises while walking to and from the water
3. Comfort when wearing adjustable-strap fins
All dive boots fit either by shoe size or the standard S, M, L, XL etc., and they should be comfortable without being excessively large or small.
Here are a few examples of boots :
Classic Diving Boots by Mares
Classic Diving Boots by Mares
Evolution Socks by Mares
Evolution Socks by Mares
for more information on boots and gloves, please visit these sites :