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Masks are the single most common (and needed!) piece of diving equipment. Divers need them to see underwater (obviously) but most importantly masks are needed to allow our eyes to focus while underwater. This is because light behaves differently in the water than in air, and our eyes focus according to how light behaves in air. This is why water makes everything look blurry. The masks creates an air space so that our eyes can focus.
Don't skimp when buying a mask. Get one that is designed specifically for scuba diving that fits your face perfectly. You can have a lot of fun with ONLY a mask, but if u have every piece of dive gear BUT a mask, there's no point getting into the water. Your mask is IMPORTANT.
Here are a few examples of dive masks:
Trend 1 Mask by Oceanic
Trend 1 Mask by Oceanic
Trend 3 Mask by Oceanic
Trend 3 Mask by Oceanic
Snorkels are also standard piece scuba gear. Snorkels allow you to rest or swim with your face in the water, for example while looking at something below, without wasting precious tank air. Sometimes when there's a bit of surface chop, splashing waves can get in your mouth if you do not have a snorkel, but snorkels are usually high enough to get above these. Lastly if you ever run low on air away from the boat or shore, snorkels make it easier to swim back, again resting with your face in the water.
When you are skin diving or snorkeling, the snorkel permits you to view the underwater world continously, without the interruption of having to lift your head for a breath.
Here are a few examples of snorkels :
Burst Snorkel by Oceanic
Burst by Oceanic
Tour Snorkel by Oceanic
Tour by Oceanic
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