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In addition to selling diving equipment, we at Silomini also provide much needed repairing and maintanence of diving equipment such as regulators and dive computers. Prices vary according to the type of equipment and the extent of the damage.
Custom Made Suits

Can't find a dive suit that fits you perfectly? No problem! We at Silomini provide custom made suits tailored to fit you. Not every diver has the same shape, just as not every diver has the same needs

Here at Silomini, we tailor ourselves to you - literally!

Diving Courses

Lastly, we at Silomini conduct our very own diving courses based on the PADI recreational and professional course layout. The courses involve in store video lectures to give you a basic picture of how and what diving is like. We will then tell you more about the finer aspects of diving. All students will be given diving manuals for further studying and there will be written exams as well.

All students will then undergo pool training where patient and well trained diving instructors will teach you everything from how to put on a wetsuit to using your dive computers. Lastly students will then undergo sea training before qualifying as a full fledged scuba diver.

To view the course layout please view the Padi Information page.